Jackson is a bustling school with many students, teachers, families and visitors coming and going. Transporting a large number of students requires a comprehensive plan for buses, carpool and walking. In order to protect our children and maintain efficiency, we’ve adopted the following policies and procedures that we ask all visitors to observe, along with any signage posted around the school grounds regarding traffic and parking.

Transportation Procedures

APS buses will load, and unload, at the front of each campus. In the afternoon, carpool will begin after the buses depart. Transportation related information like maps and procedures can be found here:

A written notice is required anytime a student’s transportation home from school varies from their standard plan.

Bus Transportation

Bus transportation is provided for all eligible Jackson students. To be eligible for bus transportation, a student must meet the following criteria:

  • An elementary student must live more than one mile by the nearest practical route from his/her zoned school.
  • Those students who have received administrative transfers may go to the closest appropriate bus stop and receive free transportation to the school of their choice.
  • A student in the Program for Exceptional Children (PEC) must have an IEP that stipulates special needs transportation and/or that he/she resides outside the boundary of the assigned school.
  • PEC students residing within their assigned school boundary and not requiring special needs transportation are eligible under the regular guidelines.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding Jackson bus procedures, please contact the APS Transportation: (404) 802-5500 or email John Franklin, Executive Director of Transportation at

Additional APS Bus Information

Transportation Plan Form

At the start of the school year you will be asked to complete a Transportation Plan Form for each of your children outlining what their standard method of transportation home from school will be each day. Submit these completed forms to your child’s teacher.

If you need to make an ongoing change to the transportation plan, please send an updated version of the Transportation Plan Form to your child’s teacher.

One-off or Temporary Transportation Changes

If you need to make a change in transportation on any given day, it must be in writing. The child’s name, teacher’s name, contact phone number and change of plans (which bus, etc.), must be included. You may include a note in your child’s backpack directly for the teacher, or you can make a change by phoning either campus by no later than 1:30 p.m., except in the case of an extreme emergency. Written notification is required to ensure that the school is fully aware of any changes. Please understand that is a security issue, and requires the support of all our parents.

Van Riders

Van Riders at Primary are dismissed with Walkers and wait supervised in the Gym until their van is ready to load. Van Riders at Main Campus are dismissed via the side door with Carpool riders to await the arrival of their van.


Students may walk to Jackson if they live within one mile of the school and can walk safely to the campus. These students are not eligible for bus service. Walkers may wait in the front lobby of either campus for a parent to meet them. Students are dismissed from the classrooms to walk home at approximately 2:30 p.m.