Holiday Helpers

For over 9 years Jackson families have helped make the holiday season a little brighter for children in need within our own Atlanta Public School system. By partnering with the school district’s social workers, our families purchase holiday gifts for over 400 children each year. Please consider doing what you can to help spread joy this holiday season. If you are interested in participating, please click here for the 2019 Signup Genius.


Every name represents an actual child who is expecting to get some gifts. If you take a name(s), then you are expected to return a gift(s).


  • DO NOT WRAP ANY GIFTS! Please do not wrap any of the gifts, but instead bring the wrapping paper or bags along with the gifts. The families and/or social workers will do the actual wrapping for you.
  • Take as many names as you would like! There are MANY children who need gifts. If you take more than one name, please try to spend approximately the same amount on each child.
  • If you take more than one child, please consider taking siblings. Many of the children have siblings on the list. These are noted in the sign-up list.
  • Do NOT include cash in any gift!
  • Each child has listed both needed (clothes, toiletries, blankets) and requested (toys, electronics) items. Please try to get at least 1 needed item and 1 requested item.
  • A couple of medium gifts, one larger and one smaller, or several small gifts are all perfectly fine. Whatever combination you choose is okay.
  • Please consider taking the name of a teenage boy or girl. While they may not be as "fun" to shop for as the younger kids, they are also hoping to receive gifts. Gift cards are easy gifts for the older students on the list.
  • We will also be collecting for the Present Pantry during the scheduled drop-off times. If you have any extra unused toys, please feel free to bring at the same time...Just let us know during drop-off.

​**Please be sure to label EVERY box, bag, or other item with the child's name and the letters in parentheses on their listing. This is critical to ensure that the right gifts get to the right social worker, and ultimately to the right child.


  1. ​How much should we spend? How many gifts should I buy? That is ultimately up to you, and whatever you are comfortable with spending is okay. The children will be so happy that they are getting gifts. We do ask that you try to purchase at least 1 needed item and 1 requested item. The needed items include clothes, toiletries, blankets, etc. Requested items include toys, electronics, etc.
  2. Am I expected to get everything on the wish list? No. Some of the items are expensive, and you are not required to purchase a particular item. It is up to you. Please use the wish lists as a guide. We are requesting that you try to purchase at least 1 needed item and 1 requested item.
  3. When in doubt about sizes, brands, styles, colors, or any specifics, just buy a gift card. Target, Wal-mart, and stores at the malls are safe bets.
  4. Should the gifts be wrapped? No. Gifts should not be wrapped this year. However, please make sure that the gifts be bundled in a large bag or box, and clearly label each gift, bag, and/or box. The label should include BOTH the child's name and the the initials in parentheses. If there are multiple packages, please number them. For example, 1 of 3, 2 or 3, 3 of 3.
  5. Please remember that many of these children are dealing with difficult circumstances and many are homeless. Please do what you can comfortably do to make the holidays special for these kids. They will be greatly appreciative of anything they receive.


Younger girls: Barbies, baby dolls, stuffed animals, arts & crafts supplies, board/card games, hats, mittens, scarves, school supplies, toothbrush/paste, blanket (Many of the children are African American so keep this in mind when buying dolls)

Younger boys: Any kind of ball, LEGOS, art supplies, cars/trucks, board/card games, stuffed animals, hats, mittens, scarves, school supplies, toothbrush/paste, blanket

Older girls/teens: purses, perfume, “spa products,” make-up, inexpensive jewelry, school supplies, hygiene products, bubble bath, hats, scarves, gloves, Target gift cards, blanket

Older boys/teens: Any kind of ball, school supplies, Target gift cards, hygiene products, hats, scarves, gloves, blanket

Babies: blanket, sippy cups/bottles, age-appropriate toys, baby care items, stuffed animals

Toddlers: blanket, stuffed animal, Playdoh, crayons, coloring books, books, age-appropriate games, dolls, cars/trucks, blocks, dress up clothes, musical instruments

Other: One large gift, a couple of medium gifts, or several small gifts are fine. Whatever combination you choose to do is OK. Stocking stuffers are also fun for the kids, but not required.


If you are able to help with the collection or distribution of the gifts at Sutton's 6th grade campus, be on the lookout for a sign up genius that will be sent in the fall or email