How to Register


Due to the COVID-19 all registrations will be submitted online.

  • Families new to the APS district can complete enrollment online throughout the district closure:

  • Pending enrollments will be finalized centrally by the Office of Student Assignment & Records.

  • School registration staff will receive a notification from the Central Registrar regarding completed enrollments for their school.



  • NEW KINDERGARTEN PARENTS: Click HERE for the Parent Input Form

  • PRE-KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS: Click HERE for the Pre-K Parent Input Form

K-Round-Up Flyer-JPJ Social Media Version For ES.pdf

Below is the list of documents that need to be uploaded when completing the registration online. For more details, please click here for new student enrollment documents.

  • Child Birth Certificate

  • Parent/Guardian ID

  • Affidavit of residency notarized, (Please click here for the Affidavit of Residency in English. Please click here for the Affidavit of Residency is Spanish.)

  • Mortgage, Deed or Lease

  • Ga Power Bill (current)

  • 2 supportive documents (cable bill, cell phone bill etc.)

  • Certificate of Immunization

  • Certificate of Hearing, Vision & Dental

  • Social Security Card (If not available fill out the waiver. Parents and legal guardian may sign the following form to exempt them from providing a social security number: Objection to Use of Social Security Number.

**Make sure all documents that are needed to complete online registration are uploaded.

***Once you complete the online registration, please send the registration confirmation number to Astrid Moyer at so she can retrieve the information.

If you have any questions, please email Astrid Moyer at

APS Form to Print & Complete

  • APS Affidavit of Residency – This document must be notarized.

  • APS Lease Verification Form

  • Certified Copy of Child’s Birth Certificate (See Georgia Department of Public Health for more information)

  • Child’s original Social Security Card OR Objection to Use of Social Security Number

  • APS Immunization Requirements Form 3231 (sample form) For kindergarten, your child’s current Form 3231 will be acceptable, but you will be required to provide an updated form as of his/her next birthday.

  • Certificates of Eye, Ear and Dental Form 3300 These can be obtained through your child’s doctor and dentist and may come in three separate forms. Your current forms are acceptable for kindergarten registration.

Parents should also check out the following links:

Questions? Please call:

  • Astrid Moyer at 404-802-8800

Please Note: Only a parent or legal guardian will be able to register the student. The person who registers a student is the only person will be able to withdraw the student. Please make copies of all documents, but bring originals to one of the four registration dates as well (note: registration will NOT be available at the Kindergarten Open House in April, so please register before.