Language Arts | Reading

Language Arts

Writing, grammar, listening, speaking comprise our Language Arts program. These are all designed to help students develop communication skills. Our writing program begins early in kindergarten. We see a strong language arts program playing significantly in the understanding and advancement of all other subjects across the curriculum. At Jackson, students have many opportunities to demonstrate their language arts skills through writing in all subject areas. Kindergarten through fourth grade publish WriteBrain books.


In the early grades, the focus is on phonics and guided reading, enabling students to develop a love of literature and reading habits that will sustain them throughout their school years and beyond. In the primary grades, early reading is introduced, using the Orton-Gillingham method of phonics instruction. Phonics is the cornerstone of our early reading program and gives students the skills to decode, while guided reading provides the practice and context for understanding. Teachers utilize a variety of resources, including real literature to develop both the skills and the competence to decipher and enjoy the printed word. While the primary grades are the time for students to “learn to read”, the intermediate grades stress “reading to learn”. Students are taught in a multi-text literacy instruction that is designed to support whole-group, small-group, and independent learning opportunities. Students respond to texts in kindergarten through fifth grade. 

Our reading program provides research-based materials and strategies essential to a comprehensive reading, spelling and handwriting program.  The program emphasizes: