English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

Students immigrating to the United States often need help with developing English language skills.  Our ESOL program provides needed support to students as they acquire those language skills necessary for successful  matriculation through school.  Services are provided to eligible students based on their individual needs.

Contact: Katie Copeland | ESOL Teacher

LaAmistad After School is a multi-dimensional afterschool program that focuses on tutoring and mentoring. Because many first-generation parents face language barriers that prevent them from providing the level of support their children need to successfully complete schoolwork, LaAmistad After School steps in to help these kids learn and grow.

After School Tutoring

The LaAmistad After School program gives kids time to play and unwind after the school day and then provides instruction in a classroom setting. Students complete reading and math enrichment exercises, do their homework, study for tests, and work on projects. Reading is a very important component, and students are required to read 30 minutes every night. After homework is completed, students can play educational games and chess or do arts and crafts projects until pick-up time.

Visit www.laamistadfriendship.org to sign up for after school tutoring and other programs.

APS provides bus service during the school week from Jackson’s Main Campus to the LaAmistad program at Peachtree Presbyterian Church.

ESL or English for Successful Living

English for Successful Living is an English as a Second Language program that meets the needs of Latinos who seek to make a better life for themselves, their families, and their community. ESL give students the opportunity to master the English language in a comfortable setting, using a life-skills based curriculum that promotes self-sufficiency and strengthens students’ ability to meet their personal, academic, and employment goals.

Many families are unable to attend English classes because they have young children and lack the resources for childcare while in class. We provide free childcare for our students, removing one of the main barriers to accessing ESL classes.

ESL is now the largest community-based adult English as a Second Language program in Georgia, with excellent test results across levels, hundreds of students enrolled each session, and a pool of new and returning volunteers that keep the program active and vibrant.

If you are interested in volunteering or joining our ESL program, please contact esl@laamistadfriendship.org or call (404) 842-5873, or signup online at www.laamistadfriendship.org.